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I didn’t manage to catch the showdown that happened over the weekend between Gordon Ramsay and our local hawker heroes. As much as I felt that tinge of patriotism as the results were in favor of the hawkers, I can’t help but notice that the competition felt somewhat, inadequate.

There were some hawker dishes that I felt were very much left out of the competition and didn’t fully da boa-ed the whole essence of what our hawker dishes are like. However, it’s beyond impossible for me or my waistline to be able to fit every dish in one short article.

Here are my picks for Ramsay to take one if he ever does get back here. In fact, lets not have just any Hawker Heroes challenge. Let’s have a Supper Challenge. You wouldn’t see Chilli Crabs on my list. Who eats that for supper anyway?



I just spent the last 6 weeks as an intern at Monsters Under the Bed and I could easily say that it has been the best internship that I have done thus far. I know many of my peers would only take up an internship only if it’s with a prestigious Multi-national Corporation (MNC) or one that paid really well.

I decided to do mine in an SME and for once, do something I’m passionate about; writing and kids.

Other than the amazing environment and the people that I had the opportunity to work with, there were 5 key points that I took away from this internship.


The one thing I noticed about Singaporeans is that with any good reason, they will run miles and miles because they love the novelty of running for a cause. I think this is a brilliant idea looking at how popular upcoming events are, such as the Colour Run and Race The Dead.

Running for me has always been about chasing the bus and that pretty much sums up my exercise quota for the month. Here are a few events that will definitely get Singaporeans running. Someone at the Health Promotion Board should take a look at this.


It’s FOC season again and before everyone gets into the academic crunch, freshmen are subjecting themselves to a social baptism conducted in whichever institution they are going to be spending the next 4 years of their lives. While I, too, went through this rite of passage, what I found interesting was how different the experience was as a senior than it was as a freshman.

I know of many seniors who jokingly mention that it’s matinghunting season. The buzz term during this period: Fishing for Freshies.