Novel Running Events We Need in Singapore

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The one thing I noticed about Singaporeans is that with any good reason, they will run miles and miles because they love the novelty of running for a cause. I think this is a brilliant idea looking at how popular upcoming events are, such as the Colour Run and Race The Dead.

Running for me has always been about chasing the bus and that pretty much sums up my exercise quota for the month. Here are a few events that will definitely get Singaporeans running. Someone at the Health Promotion Board should take a look at this.

1. Hello Kitty Run.

McDonald’s should totally do this. No more queues, no more crazy people in the queues and you still retain all your customers. It’s a really simple format, really. For every few kilometers covered, a runner gets another plush toy. Complete the marathon and you get yourself the whole set.

Why not get decked out in Hello Kitty gear as well?

Why not get decked out in Hello Kitty gear as well?

I strongly believe if you want something, get it. The best part of it is that you won’t be piling on calories from the number of Extra Value Meals that you will need to purchase. You actually will be burning more! Unless Mcdonald’s decide to replace the energy supplements you get at each race with a McChicken. I’d totally sign up for this.

2. Seasonal runs.

This should give everyone a reason to run…away. We could have a Beat the Haze run; where participants try to outrun the incoming haze without a mask. No prizes for guessing what the potential prizes are for this run. So won’t have to run away from the haze and face it head on. Definitely in the running for a new category of a previous post i did on the haze.

We could also have a Mozzie Run. You know, release about 100,000 Aedes infected mozzies and getting people to run away from them. Sounds draconian but definitely one for the adrenaline junkies.

3. Protest Anything Run.

Many running events are popular because of the cause behind it, such as the Terry Fox Run, Yellow Ribbon Run, etc. I would suggest for whoever wants to conduct the next protest, do a running event. No longer are you limited to Hong Lim Park, all that huffing and puffing will definitely allow you to mask the actual protest.

4. Run for The Stars

Just last Friday, I went K-pop Idol stalking for the first time and I can attest that K-pop fangirls are runners at heart. It was the official opening of Salon by Surrender at Marina Bay Sands. I almost died due to a stampede of girls screaming something like, “Jiyongggggggggggg”.

The only picture of G-Dragon before I got trampled over.

The only picture of G-Dragon before I got trampled over.

My near-death experience has taught me that this would be a fantastic opportunity to organize a running event. Then again, we would need some star power for this to work. I didn’t see anyone run for Fiona Xie that day. I’m just saying.

What motivates you to go out running? Comment and share your ideas with me!

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