Dance Project : SBM Resonation Next Stop! Concert 2013

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Projects
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First and foremost, I really have to apologize for not posting anything for the past few months. I was really bogged down with school, work and my other events. Now that I finally have some breather time, here’s a quick write up on one of two dance projects that I have been working on the past 2 months.

During the month of July and August, I had been spending most of my Sunday mornings with the awesome girls from Scarlet. Scarlet is an all-girl dance group that is part of the Singapore Buddhist Mission(SBM) Resonation Concert 2013. I had been approached in June by their Executive Producer, Alvin Yeo, to come down and mentor the girls as Dance Co-ordinator for the 8 girls.

SBM Resonation : Next Stop! Concert 2013 Poster

SBM Resonation : Next Stop! Concert 2013 Poster

Over the many Sunday mornings, the girls would work on their choreography and my job would be to tweak and mentor the girls. I must say their progress was really astounding. This was considering that half of them are still studying in various Junior Colleges and the other half had full-time jobs. Sunday practices were not even held at a proper studio!  What made working  with them an even greater joy was the fact that they were so open to learning.

I was also very privileged to have my friend all the way from the States, Josette, to drop in on one of the rehearsals to help the girls out. Josette is a choreographer for Rhythm and Motion (R&M), a student dance group from Bryn Mawr College. Having her there helped the girls from a technical point of view as well as bringing a fresh perspective to their dance item.

Josette with the girls from Scarlet.

Josette with the girls from Scarlet.

It goes without saying that on the day of the concert, the girls were a nothing short of amazing. I was very proud of the performance that they did for the 1000-odd audience at the Republic Cultural Centre. The people behind the SBM were a joy to work with and I’m definitely looking forward to our next collaborative effort.

Myself with the girls from Scarlet.

Myself with the girls from Scarlet.

Look out for my next write up my other dance project for the month. Drop a comment if you would like to collaborate on any events/projects! Till then, Keep in Taj.


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