It’s FOC season again and before everyone gets into the academic crunch, freshmen are subjecting themselves to a social baptism conducted in whichever institution they are going to be spending the next 4 years of their lives. While I, too, went through this rite of passage, what I found interesting was how different the experience was as a senior than it was as a freshman.

I know of many seniors who jokingly mention that it’s matinghunting season. The buzz term during this period: Fishing for Freshies.

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Having missed the recent  Asian Style Collection 2013 and with G-Dragon’s concert happening this weekend, I got reminded of my own experience attending my first K-Pop concert just under a year ago. Though I was a newly converted fan by the end of it, I really wished I had gone to the concert with some advice on how to come out of it ALIVE.

For the uninitiated, G-Dragon just so happens to be the leader of K-pop super group, Big Bang (the concert I attended), and with Singapore being the final leg, you can be sure there will be a lot of surprises in store. Having left the mosh pit battered and bruised, here is an exercise regime that I recommend to be in tip-top shape to face the hoard of K-Pop fangirls.

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Now that the haze has finally cleared up, I think it’s time for all of us to move on. I mean, we are already starting to have hail. Maybe locusts and the river of blood next?

If there’s anything that was apparent during the whole week, it was really about the people and how they reacted to it. I’ve split them into 7 main categories and I’m hoping someone at will do up a meme on this. I’m not talented at such things.

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The past week has seen the haze engulfing(for lack of a better word) our sunny Singapore and turning it like a scene from Silent Hill. Going to work every morning seemed like I was in walking through a country in the beginning stages of the Apoocalypse.

Far from the mystical Romanticism of the fog in London as a friend of mine describes it, the haze has once again managed to illustrate the nasty of this place. People are really getting from dumb to dumber. People hoarding face masks, people making a killing out of face masks and queues for them that rival the Hello Kitty craze. Heck, the Hello Kitty craze went on despite the haze.

Yes, I don’t have much faith in this place. Just try the public transport system at rush hour.

However, I really am encouraged by what I’ve seen from the other side. The past week has once again shown that social media is really the new way to mobilize the community, passion and service to the community are one in the same, and businesses in Singapore are not all about economic growth.

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Dreams : A poem.

Posted: June 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

This was a poem I submitted to The Heart Throb Project for their Throb of the Month in May.  It’s my first time doing something like this so do comment below.  Do check out the Heart Throb Project as well.

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Tuition in Singapore is a booming industry and is widely known as one of the few jobs that pay very well for very little time. It is of no surprise that cash-strapped students, myself included, would jump at this opportunity to impart our knowledge and skills to our young padawans and be able to demand a King’s ransom for our service. How then as parent, do you tell if you’ve hired a Jedi Master and not Jar-Jar Binks?

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Being the first post here, I felt in some way, compelled to do a post on greetings and such. Mainstream some might say, but hey, nothing wrong with that.

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